Sports Medicine Monday

Last sports medicine monday we talked traps, often referred to as "shoulders". The actual shoulder is a ball and socket joint formed by the meeting of your arm and shoulder blade. Because of this design the shoulder has the capacity for extreme range of motion. This amount of mobility (and the needed stability) are made possible by a group of muscles called the Rotator Cuff. There are five muscles that make up the rotator cuff; Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Subscapularis, Teres Major, Teres Minor. Think of them as a team that helps the shoulder joint to move the way it should. Depending upon which player on this team is not functioning well, you may experience pain during certain movements or loss of mobility.. If you're starting to notice you have difficulty sleeping on one side vs the other, trouble putting on a coat or shirt, local pain in the shoulder joint, or a "catching" or "clicking" pain caused by lifting your arm to the side or overhead then your rotator cuff may be a contributing factor. Acupuncture and cupping helps improve circulation, reduce pain and restore range of motion to the shoulder. The future version of yourself that has piles and piles of leaves to rake will thank you for making an appointment now...


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