Sports Med Monday

It's Sports Med Monday everybody (well, now it is since I just invented that). Whether you're an athlete or not you've been given a body with muscles + the ability to move around. What most people refer to as their "shoulders" is actually a muscle in their back called the "trapezius" or "traps" for short. Sometimes through chronic stress or injury our muscles don't function the way they should, and movement is impaired. If left untreated, many seemingly unrelated symptoms begin to show up. Trap dysfunction can lead to all kinds of symptoms including but not limited to: dizziness, tmj , tension headache, shoulder pain, mid back pain, neck pain, as well as limited range of motion in the shoulders and neck. Acupuncture can be a very useful tool if you or a loved one has any symptoms on that list. 

If you live in Manchester NH, New Boston, Bedford, Amherst, Goffstown, Hooksett or any of the surrounding communities come on by or set up your next appointment on line.

-William Boylan Lic.Ac

Nh State Licensed Acupuncturist

NCCAOM Diplomate